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All about "Helicopter Aerodynamics Made Simple"…

Move over Wagtendonk – there’s a new book on the block! Whether you’re a student PPL(H), qualified CPL(H) or a student/working flight instructor – there is one must have book this year and that’s Captain Geoff Day's "Helicopter Aerodynamics Made Simple... Well Relatively Simple!" 

So you’ve probably read various POF (Principles of Flight) books whether studying for your PPL(H) exams, CPL(H)/ATPL(H) exams or when picking up the books again before embarking on a flight instructor course? Well if you’re anything like me – reading through them blends a mass of vectors, graphs and formulas into an absolute blur to the point where you’re banging your head up the wall wondering how you’re ever going to pass that next exam! Well what a refreshing change this book was.

Opening the book you’re greeted with simple and colourful diagrams drawn and explained step by step with a few words to literate – great, my type of book! For me the hardest thing to get my head around were vector diagrams - this is where the book starts, and rightly so. Once you can draw and manipulate the vector diagram everything about POF becomes easier. This part of the book is broken down to absolute basics with great use of colour and simple logic. 


Take transitions for example, a relatively simple exercise to fly – we do it every time we take off into forward flight! But there is in fact an awful lot going on with the helicopter during this manoeuvre. Ground cushion, flap-back, translational lift then inflow roll and all of this happens in a few seconds but understanding each stage is quite in-depth, this is perhaps my favourite part of the book as in 6 pages not only do you understand it, you could teach it to your granny! 

Another part of POF often explained in numerous and incredibly complicated ways is tail rotor drift and roll, ten minutes and four pages later and you’ll have this one in the bag. What is great about the book is not only the simplicity of the explanations but the ease in which it reads, there is a somewhat comical way in which it’s written, yet gets the point across so very accurately and quickly all the while keeping you interested, not an easy thing to do – especially with me! 

I would recommend this book to anyone in the industry, if you’re a PPL(H) get a head start with this book as this is more than enough to take you all the way through your career from zero to working pilot. Especially with the PPL(H) written exams and those dreaded CPL (H)/ATPL (H) exams!

If you’re an instructor, this is one manual that will truly make your job easier, and to make it even simpler, get your students to read it and save yourself all that hassle of trying to explain POF! If you and your student are sat there already on the same wave length it’s less time in the classroom and more time in the air! 

I’d like to take this time to thank Geoff Day and Helicentre Aviation for a great FI course, and this book certainly made life that little bit easier!

Captain Llewis Ingamells

Book Chapters

Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Effects Of Controls

Chapter 3
Into The Hover

Chapter 4

Chapter 5
Quickstops - Flare Effects

Chapter 6

Chapter 7
Vortex Ring

Chapter 8
Drag And That

Chapter 9
Awkward Bits

Chapter 10
High Speed Flight

Appendix I
Axes Of Rotation

Appendix II

Appendix III
Rotor Heads And Tail Rotors

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