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I am not an aerodynamicist. I am a pilot. Ever since I started flying on the 13th August 1966 I’ve been trying to work out how the damn things fly – firstly with fixed wing – subsequently with helicopters. When, ten years later, I became a Flying Instructor, I had the task of explaining this to my students.

Helicopter Aerodynamics can easily get very complicated; there is, after all, a lot going on with blades that are whirling around at high speed. Over the years I have tried to get the explanations simple, basic and easy to understand. Of course, when doing this there is always a danger of making things too simple. Hopefully, I have been able to strike the right balance. 

Sometimes I have taken examples to the extreme in order to illustrate a point. I have always tried to separate out various aerodynamic effects, whereas in reality they may merge due to the speed in which things happen. 

If you are an aerodynamicist reading this book and you disagree with some of my explanations, then I apologise. However, if there is one pilot or potential pilot who finds that this book sheds some light on the “dark art” then I will be more than satisfied.

I am grateful to all the students that I have taught over the years for their feedback.

Captain Geoff Day



About Captain Geoff Day

Geoff DayGeoff started flying at Biggin Hill before going on to join the RAF whilst at University. His first tour was flying Whirlwind helicopters on Search & Rescue at RAF Leuchars, during which he was awarded two immediate Queens Commendations. He then became a Flying Instructor initially on fixed wing before returning to helicopters to instruct on Search & Rescue. 

He remained instructing and examining, holding the RAFs prestigious A2 instructor ratings for both helicopters and fixed wing, before “retiring” from the RAF in 1988. On leaving the RAF Geoff worked as a commercial pilot flying VIP charters, pleasure flying, loadlifting, firefighting and pipeline and powerline patrols, and as a helicopter instructor and examiner.

Geoff now specialises in providing courses helicopter instructor courses. He has trained over 200 commercial pilots and instructors, flies ten types of helicopter and has more than 22,000 hrs flying including over 15,000 instructional hours. He is also the author of bestselling book, "Helicopter Aerodynamics Made Simple". Geoff is highly respected in the helicopter industry, and you will come away from this course feeling privileged to have flown with such a knowledgeable and seasoned pilot.

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