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Helicopter Life Book Review

Helicopter Aerodynamics made simple. An impossible oxymoron or teaching it right?

Geoff Day should know. Not only has he trained over 200 commercial pilots, he has been teaching for longer than most people have been flying. He has 21,000 hours of flying and an incredible 14,000 instructional hours. That is more than 2 years of non-stop flying and more than a year and a half of non-stop instruction.

In his book Geoff has attempted to make aerodynamics clear and simple for ab-initio helicopter students, the majority of whom do indeed find the how and why of helicopter flying very confusing.

The book starts by going back to basics and looking at Bernoulli's law. Then, with the help of diagrams, he puts this law into practice on a helicopter. Slowly he builds up the picture…

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Blades - February 2011

Making Aerodynamics As Simple As Possible

Blades LogoAerodynamics is a subject that can make some pilots feel the need to go and lie down in a dark room… well be prepared to turn the light on! Flight Instructor Captain Geoff Day has written and compiled a new book to help students, instructors and others understand what's going on.

Self publishing allows individuals to get round the publishing industry and produce books that might be thought too esoteric to be commercially successful - but which  fulfil a valuable purpose. And that's exactly what Captain Geoff Day did with his new book, Helicopter…

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