Helicopter Aerodynamics Made Simple

Geoff Day

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A Principles of Flight Book with a Difference...

There are not many books on the market which deal solely with Helicopter Aerodynamics, so Geoff Day's publication joins a small group.

He has, however, taken a fresh look at the subject from an explanation point of view. He has not attempted to follow a syllabus as such but to take the student through the various facets of helicopter aerodynamics, attempting to explain the various aspects of helicopter flight that will be encountered during a course of training, be it to private or commercial level.

He has attempted to keep the book as free of “jargon” as possible and has also managed to include some touches of humour. A humorous book on aerodynamics? Well it's not exactly a laugh a minute but he has attempted to keep the tone light.


A Breath of Fresh Air...

Helicopter Aerodynamics made Simple has been produced in A4 format to enable the diagrams to sit more comfortably on the pages and also for the reader to see the explanations and diagrams together wherever possible.

The book has also been produced in 'Half Canadian Spiral Binding' so that it will sit flat, to enable it to be studied with ease.

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ISBN : 978-0-9566978-0-6
Price : £22.50 (£20 plus p&p)